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Provided services :

Build up a firm while being personally followed through by way of training, feasability studies, professional plan assistance and firm aid during the first year on the financial, strategic, and legal level. We can make a complete prior diagnosis of your plan, check your resources and qualities in order to set about, define your strategy, choose the best legal status and work out a business plan

How do we work?

We intervene as followed :

First step : understanding and centring of the customerís request,

Second step : diagnosis in the field (if necessary) and final answer,

Third step : creation of the learning process and elaboration of tools,

Fourth step : generalization,

Fifth step : estimation

According to the importance of the file, we can set up a steering committee and a plan team to make the coherence and the set up of the plan within the firm easier. On the business consultancy level, there is never more than one speaker as project manager.

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