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Who are we? :

A high-level multidisciplinary team whose skills suit your culture.

Our website consultants work as advisers and teachers. They are all highly experienced in training, national and international consulting in various fields of activity. Our expert evaluations concerning work and our knowledge of the markets are available to private and public firms, professional bodies, territories, wage-earning men and women or unemployed persons.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of teachers, research workers, and consultants. All of them bind these three fields by having a very advanced and specialized training in all the new technologies and traditional fields.


Being true experts in management and finance, we achieve work that aims at combining know-how and a very high added value. We work with the best and most competent professionals in connexion with the requested situation in the management field or in the scientific and technic ones. As team coordinators, we are fast workers with a very high expertise level.

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